Lexie Janson

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My life mission is to change the views of people on Drone and FPV (First Person View) world, with lots of videos, DIY’s – tutorials and showing up at multiple events in the drone industry (that is mostly dominated by men). I am a Guest Speaker at multiple events encouraging girls to get into STEM and drone industry (as well as drone racing), I am sure, that if girls will get to see another girls into this – they will start it too. It’s not a matter of telling girls to “go and do it” while all they see are guys everywhere – but to show them “hey, look! There are other girls there and they look happy.”


Location: Ireland
Industry: Racing
Frame: DemonRC NOX5
Camera: RunCam

Alias: MaiOnHigh
Team: Infinityspin
Events: Irish Drone Nationals
Sponsors: Gemfan

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